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About Us

About the owner...

Samantha Sellers is a Baccalaureate prepared Registered Nurse (BSN, RN) and current Family Nurse Practitioner Student (FNP-S) at the University of South Florida (USF) in Tampa, who is passionate about helping others. She fell in love with the idea of waking up every day with perfect brows and helping women like you, reduce the frustration and preening in the mornings, which can often be hectic. It felt like a valuable and necessary contribution to her to be able to correctly microblade someone in a fast-growing and subpar regulated industry.

It is often said that changing 10 minutes of your every day life can dramatically change your life and having your eyebrows professionally microbladed by a knowledgeable nurse with over 10 years of nursing experience and advanced understanding of anatomy and physiology, can change not only change your everyday life, but also enhance your beautiful facial features, remove worry, and increase your overall confidence level.

She decided to train with the best academy in the world that sets the standard for every microblading procedure as a high quality medical grade procedure -Phibrows. Phibrows has a team of Medical Doctors and Scientists that look closely at the skin, blood and lymph system, tools, and pigments used for professional microblading results in addition to the rest of the body systems, pharmacological therapies, and pathologic processes people endure.

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With all the knowledge Samantha possess, she knew the inferior training offered was not something she wanted for herself and her clients. She chose Phibrows after a year of research and determined that it provided the safest procedure available and expert knowledge. Phibrows has extremely high standards for their artists, making sure they meet a very specific skillset and knowledge. She is proud to be a Phibrows Artist and have had trained with the highly sought-after expert Master, Kler Rosenberg.

This means you can proceed with confidence knowing that Samantha is highly qualified and trained via a live, in person weekend workshop AND the required additional 6 months of training online, submitting work to her Expert Master artist instead of the pop up one day trainings requiring trial and error on clients.

When you book a microblading session with her, you’ll find a very approachable and positive person who will help you achieve a subtle, yet dramatic result that you will love waking up to while saving you time, frustration and worry!