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June 24

Why are eyebrows so important!?

  Why are eyebrows so important?   When I was little I was asked in school, what I thought was the most important feature on someone’s face. My classmates named off all kinds of features and their reasoning. Some of them were valid and some were more hilarious. I answered that I thought eyes were the most important feature because […]

July 10

Why choose a Phibrows Artist?

Microblading is a procedure that more and more people are starting to become aware of. However, not all microblading is the same. Education and skill is very different based on each state’s laws surrounding education and training. It can be difficult to choose a Microblading artist because there are wide variances in technique, products used, […]

November 27

Have you had Microblading done that didn’t last long?

Have you had Microblading done that didn’t last long?  Or maybe you have a friend that said theirs didn’t last long either?  Ugh. So frustrating, right?    First, let’s determine what long really means, shall we?  Microblading is supposed to be semi-permanent, meaning they don’t last permanently. Why would you want them to not last? Short answer, go ask […]

August 6

What’s in your Microblading pigment?

A potential client sent me something and it reminded me of another client I had almost a year ago that told me of a similar reaction she had to the pigment used in her Microblading. I struggle with not saying anything and keeping my mouth shut like a good woman who supports other women, because […]